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What & Where is my control panel?

Control Panel is a collection of management graphical user interface (GUI) which are presented via webpage to let you manage you own domain and hosting account. It normally provide the functionality of:


  • View account specification
  • Manage your hosting domain, parking or add-on domain (multi-domain)
  • Manage contact info update
  • Manage file and ftp account
  • Manage email account
  • Manage script installation
  • Manave track or log file
  • ... and more
Control Panel are different for different hosting plateform:
  • For Window Hosting Account, we use DotNETPanel which could be access at http://cp.pink.mysitehosted.com

  • For Linux Hosting Account, we use CPANEL which could be access at http://yourdomainname:2082
    what ever your domain hosted with us, just type its name and follow by ":2082" into the browser address box


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