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Control Panel (2)
Different control panel for different server hosting platform
Domain Name (9)
All question and answer to let you quickly understant about DOMAIN NAME...
Email System (6)
All about how to use webmail, pop3 or imap mail system
FTP Setting (6)
All about FTP service and its management
MySQL Database (3)
Simply talk how to connect locally and remotely to mySQL & MS SQL
Common topic on hosting configuration and optimization
[Video] Cpanel Log In & File Manager
Here is how to log in your CPANEL and Manage file to upload your website from your PC into your...
[Video] Check if website is ready?
Here is how to check if your Domain Registration and Website Hosting account is already activated...
What & Where is my control panel?
Control Panel is a collection of management graphical user interface (GUI) which are presented...
Why I can't see my Control Panel page?
Make sure you have your Internet Firewall open for custom port number, because each control panel...
Create DB, Assign User, Restore DB
Here is how to:   Create MySQL Database File Create Database User/Pass Assign permission...


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